Yosei Update: Out Of Cox Plate, Spring In Doubt


Yosei's spring campaign is in doubt after a foot issue

Yosei has been withdrawn from contention for this Saturday’s Cox Plate with a foot issue casting doubt over the rest of her spring campaign.

Yosei was second emergency for the Cox Plate and so was unlikely to gain a start however had she got there she’s proved in the past she can step up to that level.

She’s a three time Group 1 winner with a habit of lifting for the big occasions proved by the fact she’s only ever won a single race that wasn’t a Group 1.

Her trainer Stuart Webb first noticed a small cut on her coronet band earlier in the week but it was dismissed as a non-issue.

Unfortunately though her condition has now deteriorated with the decision made to scratch her earlier today.

“Terry Bailey and the Racing Victoria stewards have come out and examined her,” Webb said.

He says it’s not a massive concern and on a scale of one to five her lameness would only rate a one but it’s more the location of the problem that makes it awkward.

“If it was an inch above where it was it wouldn’t be an issue,” he said.

“It’s just right on the coronet band.

“Not even a centimetre cut, just something that’s flared up.”

He says it only appeared to be a very minor issue when they first saw it but it’s steadily gotten worse from there.

“The day before the gallop there was  a very small abrasion, flared up through the gallop and was quite sore by that evening,” he said.

As it stands Yosei is still expected to be seen again later in the carnival but it will be a day by day assessment with a decision finalised early next week.

“Racing Victoria will be out to her earlier in the week to see if we’re heading towards the Emirates or the Myer Classic or the paddock,” Webb said.

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