Vote For Lust’s Abysmal Form Gains Him Widespread Notoriety

Vote For Lust has gained himself extensive media attention after it came to light he had failed to win a race in any of his 84 race starts.

The nine-year-old is still gracing the racetrack on a regular basis, with his most recent start being at Gawler yesterday.

Vote For Lust finished tenth of 14 in the race, which was a maiden handicap.

The Voting gelding has placed a total of ten times during his six year-long career and has won more than $20,000 in prize money.

Trainer John Castleman said the recent attention has come as shock to him and his stables.

“(The media) came out of the blue, he’s had a bit of publicity just recently,” Castleman said.

“They fronted up yesterday in full force.

“He’s always had a bit of a following because so many starts and a poor record.”

While many question why Vote For Lust has not yet been retired, Castleman said he was only there to be a companion for his other race horses.

The trainer also uses the horse to help train aspiring jockeys how to ride.

“We mainly use him as a travelling companion for other horses,” he said.

“That’s his job just going to the races to company another one and he’s handy around the place when we’ve got a young girl who wants to learn (how to ride).

“We don’t think he can win a race.”

Despite his poor record, Castleman does recall one occasion where Vote For Lust came within millimetres of claiming a win.

The gelding finished second by a nose to Bundy At Midnight in a Horsham maiden in 2009 on a slow-rated track.

“He likes it wet, he goes a little bit better when he’s wet,” Castleman said.

Castleman expects Vote For Lust to continue competing for another six months, but isn’t counting on him breaking through for that elusive win.

“He looks good and he hasn’t got a thing wrong with him he’s just not fast enough,” he said.

“He’s probably got another 6 months, we’ll retired him then.

“He’s certainly not going to get any better from here on.”


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