Top Trainer Gai Waterhouse Calls For PM Make Over

Top Sydney trainer Gai Waterhouse has caused a stir after calling for Prime Minister Julia Gillard to improve her dress sense.

Ms Waterhouse made the comments on her blog after seeing a photo of the Prime Minister posing in post-tsunami Japan.

The successful horse trainer suggested Ms Gillard should visit Valonz, one of Sydney’s most exclusive salons.

“When will our dear Prime Minister go to Valonz?” she said.

“She desperately needs a make-over.”

Ms Waterhouse told of how she was more shocked by the Prime Minister’s wardrobe than the horrific background that showed the aftermath of the recent Japanese tsunami.

“It wasn’t the carnage behind that gave me the horrors, but the woman standing in front of it,” Ms Waterhouse said.

The trainer feels that with the government’s popularity on the downhill, Ms Gillard needs to focus on improving her appearance.

“Can’t our leaders be stylish?” Ms Waterhouse said.

“With popularity waning she needs every card up her sleeve.”

The 56-year-old Ms Waterhouse recently said that if she were Prime Minister of Australia for a day, her first duty would be to hire a “decent fashion designer”.

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