Sydney Pelting Won’t Harm Luscious Randwick


Randwick Racecourse had 48mm of rain on the weekend

Randwick has copped a battering over the last few weeks, first it was the grandstand issues that forced racing away from the venue and now it’s been the weather.

With the grandstand now sorted ahead of Epsom Handicap Day though it’s up to track manger Navesh Ramdhani to ensure the surface is up to the same standard.

Over the weekend the rain poured down across Sydney and Ramdhani said it certainly didn’t miss Randwick.

“We’ve had 48mm of rain on the weekend, quite a bit more than what I had expected,” he said.

“It was just unfortunate the way it happened.”

While the rain has ceased in Sydney for the time being the next few days will prove crucial with clouds lingering across the city.

“I do expect a few more showers in the next two days but it hopefully dries up before the weekend and I think we’ll be in a good position,” he said.

At the moment the track is in a slow 6 condition with no improvement or downgrade expected for the time being.

“We’ve had good weather this morning, there is some cloud about so I’m not sure if we’re going to get a proper drying day,” he said.

The saving grace for Randwick is the fact it’s been out of action for so long allowing the grass to form an almost perfect level of coverage.

“With the break that we’ve had the grass is in fantastic condition, it’s very dense…I’m very very happy with the way it is at the moment,” he said.

Trials were held on the Kensington surface earlier this morning and the feedback from both trainers and jockeys was very positive which is a great sign leading into the weekend.

“The course proper given the grass coverage that it has I’m pretty sure it’s a little better than what the Kensington was this morning,” he said.

“With the moisture in it and given that it isn’t particularly hot, I would be very happy if we raced in the dead range this weekend.”

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