Subzero Recovering After Health Scare

1992 Melbourne Cup winner Subzero has returned to the property of owner Graham Salisbury after recovering significantly from a health scare.

Subzero was taken to the Werribee Veterinary Clinic earlier in the week, after going off his feed, and it was found that part of his bowel had become trapped between his kidney and his spleen.

The worst was feared for the popular horse racing ambassador but a relieved Salisbury said that the twenty-five-year-old is now on the mend at his Shepparton paddock.

“The report is that everything is alright, the bowel is back in its right position, the kidney that they initially thought may have been damaged is not and the swelling on the spleen is starting to subside,” Salisbury told Racing Victoria.

“Everything inside is working alright and all that I’ve got to do now is get him back on to his feed.

“I thought I was going to lose him there at one stage but he’s out of the woods now and all things going well in a couple of weeks he’ll be right to go back to work.”

Subzero’s work as a clerk of the course and his visits to schools all around Victoria have made him one of the most popular horses in Australia and Salisbury said he has been overwhelmed by the support that he has received from the general public.

“The response from the public has been amazing, I’m just thrilled that he is OK,” Salisbury said.

“I’d like to thank the public for all their well wishes and the media have also been great in letting the public know how the horse is going because he has always been the people’s horse.”

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