Rosehill Track Drying Before Slipper

Rosehill Gardens is drying out and rapidly improving towards a good rating ahead of 2011 Golden Slipper Day.

The track manager at the Sydney complex, Lindsay Murphy, said the surface has become noticeably firmer over the last day and was upgraded from a Dead 5 to a Dead 4.

“The Rosehill track is drying out very well with the ideal conditions we’ve had,” Murphy said.

“It’s a dead (4) this morning and it’s very close to a good (3).

“The sun is shining and with the weather we’ve got today it will be a good (3) tomorrow morning.

In fact the only issue Murphy can see standing in the way of a Good 3 surface for this Saturday is a forecast set of isolated showers for tomorrow.

“The forecast is for a chance of the isolated showers over the next few days and if we can dodge them we’ll be pretty close to perfect,” he said.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology Thursday’s forecast is for the possibility of isolated showers in the morning with a temperature not to break 22 degrees.

Friday is predicted to be a cloudy day with a slightly warmer 25 degrees and a long range forecast for the Golden Slipper of moderate cloud with showers likely for later in the day with another top of 25 degrees.

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