Robl Drawing Closer To Race Return

Peter Robl has nearly completed the 12 month ban from racing he and fellow jockey Blake Shinn copped this time last year.

The duo where barred for betting on racing at a time when both riders where making serious inroads in their careers.

The time for Robl’s return is now only a couple of weeks away as he’s set to make a comeback in the final weekend of November.

He’s been riding trackwork for the past few weeks to prepare himself for the task at hand and says things are progressing nicely.

“The body got through quite well, was stiff and sore for a few days but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might have been,” he said.

“I’ve been riding a bit of work at Warwick Farm and Randwick,” he said.

Robl has managed to get a steady flow of trackwork rides and trials however the real test will come when money is on the line.

“Hopefully we can find a few to punch around on the 26th or 27th,” he said.

Robl has been forced to make comebacks before when out through injury and he said the mental side of things has been helped by being in prime physical condition.

“I found it easier this time coming back fully fit rather than coming back from an injury,” he said.

“When I did my neck and collarbone it took me a couple of weeks to get up and going.

“It’s definitely been easier coming back fit and healthy and ready to go.”

None of it will matter though unless he can earn back the trust of trainers and connection and Robl says so far things have been fantastic.

“Everyone’s been really supportive,” he said.

“Hopefully if I work hard that’ll flow into picking up a few race rides.”

The real test though still awaits as Robl hopes to get back to where he was a year ago before his career took a massive detour.

“You can ride as much work as you want and as many barrier trials as you want but it’s nothing like race riding,” he said.

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