Racing Victoria Seeks To Modify Jockey Appeal Process

Racing Victoria (RVL) will take a few tips from the AFL Tribunal system in order to stop jockeys exploiting the existing appeals process.

RVL has expressed their concerns that the current three day window to lodge an appeal has tarnished the spring racing carnival’s image.

This problem was highlighted when both Corey Brown and Damien Oliver psotponed their decision to appeal bans received on Melbourne Cup Day.

“We will be getting advice and comment from them and we will be looking at how it works in other sports and be making a submission,” RVL chief executive Rob Hines said.

“We will be recommending that RVL make a submission to the … commissioner and the Government on the improvements we would like to see to the process.”

Hines disagrees with the current model, which allows appeals to be heard by the Victorian Civil and Disciplinary Board (VCAT).

“We are concerned about it … we will look at what other sports do around this process,” he said.

“Not everyone has the option of going to VCAT.

“We’re not critical of VCAT. We think they’ve done a pretty good job. But what we are concerned with is the process itself.”

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