Thousand Guineas

  • Date: Wednesday October 10, 2015
  • Racecourse: Caulfield
  • Race Distance: 1,600m
  • Conditions: 3YO Fillies Set Weights
  • Prize Money: $500,000

2015 Thousand Guineas News

Petits Filous unlikely runner in Furious Stakes

Petits Filous unlikely runner in Furious Stakes

Unbeaten Melbourne filly Petits Filous was one of fifteen fillies listed in the nominations for the Group 2 $175,000 Furious Stakes (1200m) at Randwick on Saturday but she is unlikely to make the trip north.

Undefeated filly Petits Filous is among the nominations for the Furious Stakes at Randwick. Photo by Adrienne Bicknell.

Caulfield trainer …

The 2015 Thousand Guineas is a Group 1 race that is held each year in October as part of the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival at Caulfield Racecourse. The Thousand Guineas is open to three-year-old fillies only and is run over a distance of 1,600 metres. Run under set-weights conditions, the Thousand Guineas is worth $500,000 in prize money. The Thousand Guineas is held on Day 1 of the Caulfield Cup Carnival on Caulfield Guineas Day. The Thousand Guineas was originally held on the same day as the Caulfield Cup, but was moved to its own day in 1988, and reverted from the middle day of the carnival to the first day for the 2014 edition.

Bet on Thousand Guineas Racing:
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The Thousand Guineas was first run in 1946 when it was won by a horse called Sweet Chime. The race was held over a distance of eight furlongs until being changed to 1,600 metres in 1972 to coincide with the introduction of the metric system. Originally a Principal Race, the Thousand Guineas was given its Group 1 status in 1979. The Thousand Guineas has had one dead heat during its significant history. This occurred in 1963 when Heirloom and Anna Rose passed the post at the same time.

Horses that run in the Thousand Guineas often first compete in the Group 2 Edward Manifold Stakes which is held two weeks prior. Special Harmony (2003), Alinghi (2004) and Gallica (2008) have all claimed the Edward Manifold Stakes and Thousand Guineas double. Horses that run well in the Thousand Guineas can often be seen competing in races such as the Group 2 Wakeful Stakes and the Group 1 Crown Oaks during the Melbourne Cup Carnival.

Notable winners of the Thousand Guineas include Wenona Girl (1960), Toltrice (1972), Goleen (1984), Azzurro (1992), Miss Finland (2006) and Yosei (2010).

Thousand Guineas Field

The Thousand Guineas field is always made up of the top talent in three year old fillies with this particular race offering a great chance for trainers and owners to score a Group 1 win. That’s not to see the contest is easy, winning the Thousand Guineas takes a whole lot of talent, a perfect training effort and plenty of luck along the way. There is always a full field of 16 entered with emergencies on standby as spots for this race are hotly contested. That means horses are not only required to be 100 percent on race day, they also have to have done enough previously to warrant their inclusion as well.

The set weight means that all horses are treated identically and each one has just a good a chance as any. That makes barriers quite crucial with a wide gate quite a disadvantage depending on the horses running style. Having said that the Caulfield track is wide enough that a horse should get a run down the straight so long as the jockey has them in a half decent position.

2015 Thousand Guineas Field

The 2015 Thousand Guineas field will be provided here.

2015 Thousand Guineas Second Acceptances

The 2015 Thousand Guineas second acceptances will be publicly announced on September 22nd (Tuesday).

The 2015 Thousand Guineas second acceptances will be published below.

2015 Thousand Guineas First Acceptances

The 2015 Thousand Guineas first acceptances will be made public on the eighth of September. The 2015 Thousand Guineas first acceptors will be published below.

2015 Thousand Guineas Nominations

The 2015 Thousand Guineas nominations contain a number of horses with great potential to win. Released on Tuesday, August 4th, the 2015 Thousand Guineas nominations are listed below.

Last 10 Horse Sex Age Trainer
1 5x AALI MIA F 3 Lloyd Kennewell
2 72x ABOLISH F 3 Pat Carey
3 224624x AIR APPARENT F 3 David Hayes & Tom Dabernig
4 ALASKAN ROSE (NZ) F 3 Michael Moroney
5 ALDERNEY F 3 Sam Pritchard-Gordon
6 3x ALITTLE LOOSE F 3 Michael Kent
7 ALLA TURCA F 3 Shaun Dwyer
8 543x ALLISION F 3 John O’Shea
9 0x ALPINA F 3 John P Thompson
10 6x ALTAMIRA F 3 Peter G Moody
11 2x AMBIENCE F 3 John O’Shea
12 AMERISTRALIA F 3 Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes
13 614x ANDRIOLI F 3 Robert Smerdon
14 1x03x ANTELUCAN F 3 John O’Shea
15 118x ASHLEE MARIE F 3 Richard Laming
16 AURORA’S STAR F 3 Anthony Cummings
17 3x2x BADAWIYA F 3 Mick Price
18 5x BALLYBRIT F 3 David Hayes & Tom Dabernig
19 BAUBO (NZ) F 3 Chris Waller
20 7x BEACHLEY F 3 Peter G Moody
21 01x BELUGA BLUE F 3 Leon Macdonald & Andrew Gluyas
22 6x314x BENGAL CAT F 3 John Sadler
23 BEYOND PURPLE F 3 Michael Moroney
24 BLACK CANARY F 3 Gerald Ryan
25 112126x BLUEBERRY HILL F 3 Liam Birchley
26 BO BARDI F 3 Lee & Shannon Hope
27 8x3x BORN MAGIC (NZ) F 3 Terry & Karina O’Sullivan
28 65x BRING ME THE VOICE F 3 Peter G Moody
29 CANA F 3 Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes
30 116x CAPRICIOUS SPIRIT F 3 Morgan Butler
31 5147x CARTIER ROCK F 3 Gerald Ryan
32 78x CASSINI STAR F 3 Gary Portelli
33 2x CATCH A FIRE F 3 David Hayes & Tom Dabernig
34 8x CATHY F 3 Clarry Conners
35 5x CAZONET F 3 Robert Smerdon
36 27x C’EST BEAU LA VIE F 3 Leon Macdonald & Andrew Gluyas
37 22x CHABAUD (NZ) F 3 Robert Smerdon
38 4521x CHACHAPOYAS F 3 John O’Shea
39 3x CIRCLE GAME F 3 Matthew Dale
40 6x15x CLASSY CHANEL F 3 David Hayes & Tom Dabernig
41 173x CLAUDIA JEAN F 3 David Hayes & Tom Dabernig
42 0x CODEBREAK F 3 David Hayes & Tom Dabernig
43 1x COLERNE F 3 Colin Little
44 043x COMMISERATE F 3 Mick Price
45 6x3816x COMPRENDE F 3 Phillip Stokes
46 CUPID F 3 David Hayes & Tom Dabernig
47 53x58x DAGNY (NZ) F 3 Sam Pritchard-Gordon
48 7x DAISY’S JOY F 3 Peter & Paul Snowden
49 DANIELA ROSA F 3 Michael Moroney
50 DARLING LILI F 3 Stephen Theodore
51 DASH FOR GEORGIA F 3 Peter Ioannou
52 DAWN OF HOPE F 3 David Hayes & Tom Dabernig
53 035x DAWNIE PERFECT F 3 Clarry Conners
54 2x10x DENPURR F 3 Peter & Paul Snowden
55 6x DESTINATION TUCSON F 3 Gai Waterhouse
56 0x DEVIOUS MAID F 3 Peter G Moody
57 413x DON’T DOUBT MAMMA F 3 Tony McEvoy
58 11x DON’T DOUBT MARLEY F 3 Robbie Griffiths
59 17x ECLAT F 3 Mick Price
60 9x EFFORTLESS MISS F 3 Shane Fliedner
61 ELY’S ANGEL F 3 Wez Hunter
62 561x EMILION STORM F 3 Steve Richards
63 1126x ENGLISH F 3 Gai Waterhouse
64 93727x EOLANDE F 3 Jamie Edwards
65 5330x ESPERANCA F 3 Neville Parnham
66 EURO ANGEL (NZ) F 3 Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes
67 4x EUSTON ROAD F 3 Mathew Ellerton & Simon Zahra
68 FAIR ISLE (NZ) F 3 David Hayes & Tom Dabernig
69 FALKENBERG F 3 Peter & Paul Snowden
70 44x149x FASHION SNIPTZ F 3 Kris Lees
71 8x FAST CANDY F 3 Peter & Paul Snowden
72 FIERY EMINENCE F 3 Anthony Cummings
73 23130x FIREWORKS F 3 Gerald Ryan
74 FIRST ORDER F 3 Danny Williams
75 FITNAH F 3 David Hayes & Tom Dabernig
76 3x130x FLAMBOYANT LASS F 3 Gai Waterhouse
77 1x FLEUR FATALE F 3 Brent Stanley
78 5x FRANCAIS F 3 Chris Waller
79 46x0513x FULFILLED PROMISE F 3 Anthony Cummings
80 GALLWITZ F 3 John O’Shea
81 1649x GIULIETTA F 3 Gai Waterhouse
82 46x1173x GRISBI’S RUN F 3 John McArdle
83 GUILTY AS SIN F 3 Steve Richards
84 HANGIN’ TOUGH F 3 Mathew Ellerton & Simon Zahra
85 221x HARLEM RIVER F 3 Gai Waterhouse
86 731x HEARTLINGS F 3 Kerry Parker
87 1x HEAVENLY ANNA F 3 David Vandyke
88 1x9008x HEAVENLY HAND F 3 David Hayes & Tom Dabernig
89 HELA FLYER F 3 Pat Carey
90 7x24x HELFORD RIVER F 3 Gai Waterhouse
91 4x7x HELL OR HIGHWATER F 3 David Hayes & Tom Dabernig
92 4x HEMBROOK F 3 Chris Waller
93 HIGHGATE HILL F 3 Greg Eurell
94 HORIZONTAL F 3 John O’Shea
95 3x I WRITE THE SONGS F 3 Richard Laming
96 2x3862x IGRAINE F 3 John O’Shea
97 44x IMPERIAL EMPRESS F 3 Shea Eden
98 3x INDARRA (NZ) F 3 Robert Smerdon
99 INFINITE LOVE F 3 Peter & Paul Snowden
100 INNER CITY GIRL F 3 Mark Riley
101 INNOCENT I AM F 3 Logan McGill
102 INTRIGUINGLY F 3 Richard Laming
103 ISLE DU CAP F 3 David Hayes & Tom Dabernig
104 2x1539x ITALY F 3 John O’Shea
105 IT’S OVER F 3 Michael Kent
106 131x JALAN JALAN F 3 Colin Little
107 2341x JAMEKA F 3 Ciaron Maher
108 JAZAHAR F 3 Darren Weir
109 JEZZABBA F 3 Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes
110 JOCASTA F 3 Leon & Troy Corstens
111 6x JODIE’S ROCK F 3 Leon & Troy Corstens
112 J’STAR F 3 Leon & Troy Corstens
113 50x JUNGLE ROCK F 3 Mathew Ellerton & Simon Zahra
114 12x JUST ONE MOMENT F 3 Peter G Moody
115 KANGARILLA JOY F 3 Peter & Paul Snowden
116 32x43111x KIMBERLEY STAR F 3 Gai Waterhouse
117 KISS IN THE RAIN F 3 Darren Weir
118 LA DALLIANCE F 3 Luke Oliver
119 0x15x LADY ESPRIT F 3 Ciaron Maher
120 2333x LAKE GENEVA F 3 Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes
121 LASAYETTE F 3 Darren Weir
122 LATITUDE F 3 Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes
123 32x LAUCALA F 3 Chris Waller
124 22x LAZUMBA F 3 Steve Richards
125 LET’S TWIST F 3 Michael Kent
126 712259x LIGHT UP THE SKY F 3 Neville Parnham
127 229154013x LOOK TO THE STARS F 3 Clarry Conners
128 LOTTA SUGAR F 3 David Hayes & Tom Dabernig
129 MADAM POSEIDON F 3 Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes
130 4x MADONNA LILY F 3 John Salanitri
131 453x MAGNETTE F 3 Wez Hunter
132 3598x MAKE HER OWN WHEY F 3 Shaun Dwyer
133 6x MANHATTAN FEVER F 3 Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes
134 4x MAPUTO EXPRESS F 3 Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes
135 2x MARAAM F 3 Peter & Paul Snowden
136 MEGAWATT (NZ) F 3 Shaune Ritchie
137 MERU F 3 Pat Carey
138 5x METEORA MISS F 3 Anthony Cummings
139 MIDNIGHT REVIEW F 3 David Hayes & Tom Dabernig
140 2x MINETTI F 3 Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes
141 13x MISS ANTAEUS F 3 Chris Waller
142 MISS BEALS (NZ) F 3 David Hayes & Tom Dabernig
143 24x293x MISS GIDGET F 3 Colin & Cindy Alderson
144 1x1x MISS GUNPOWDER F 3 Phillip Stokes
145 24220242x MISS IDYLLIC F 3 David Hayes & Tom Dabernig
146 24x MISS WILSON F 3 John Bary
147 11L3x MISTY WATERS F 3 Michael Moroney
148 43x MONTIGNAC F 3 John O’Shea
149 MOON FIGHTER F 3 Gai Waterhouse
150 MORTAL SIN F 3 Lee & Anthony Freedman
151 34x MUZYKA F 3 Gerald Ryan
152 MY GIRL HAYLEY F 3 Tony Gollan
153 121x MY POPPETTE F 3 Colin & Cindy Alderson
154 MYHRO F 3 Darren Weir
155 1x4x NADAWAAT F 3 David Hayes & Tom Dabernig
156 NATIONAL VELVET F 3 Leon & Troy Corstens
157 NAUTILUS F 3 Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes
158 NEW GRADUATE F 3 Darren Weir
159 1x NICCORAMA F 3 John Salanitri
160 2x NINA RULES F 3 Jason Warren
161 NOT A CHERRY F 3 Anthony Cummings
162 OCEAN EMBERS F 3 Shea Eden
163 1x4291x OTTOMAN F 3 John O’Shea
164 17x OUR VIDIA (NZ) F 3 Byron Cozamanis
165 8x OVERSTAY F 3 Mathew Ellerton & Simon Zahra
166 1x PAINTED FIRETAIL F 3 John O’Shea
167 1141x PASADENA GIRL (NZ) F 3 Peter G Moody
168 1520x PAYROLL F 3 Richard Laming
169 9x37413x PEARL STAR F 3 Matt Laurie
170 PEARLS F 3 John O’Shea
171 489x PERFECT BEAT F 3 David Hayes & Tom Dabernig
172 41572x PERIGNON F 3 Gerald Ryan
173 11x PETITS FILOUS F 3 Ciaron Maher
174 4x PHOENIX PARK (NZ) F 3 Bart & James Cummings
175 3551x POSITIVE CHARGE F 3 Bryce Heys
176 PRIME APPEAL (NZ) F 3 Nigel Blackiston
177 PRINCESS SHIMMER F 3 Patrick Payne
178 74x PRIZE LILY F 3 Mathew Ellerton & Simon Zahra
179 303x PURSUITS F 3 John O’Shea
180 PUSH THE SKY AWAY F 3 Henry Dwyer
181 5x QUILATE F 3 Michael Kent
182 13075x RACY F 3 Gary Portelli
183 READY FOR TAKEOFF F 3 David Vandyke
184 REBOUND F 3 Lee & Anthony Freedman
185 59x RED SILHOUETTE (NZ) F 3 Tony Noonan
186 8x220x REEMAH F 3 David Hayes & Tom Dabernig
187 23x REGATTA REBEL F 3 Gai Waterhouse
188 77x REIGNING IN PARIS F 3 Luke Oliver
189 40x60x RESULTS F 3 Shaun Dwyer
190 RISING HOPE F 3 Darren Weir
191 RITZY F 3 Anthony Cummings
192 32x ROEINDA F 3 Bjorn Baker
193 ROKEBY RED F 3 Matt Laurie
194 ROLDANA (NZ) F 3 Jamie Edwards
195 ROSAMOND F 3 Brian Gentle
196 7x RUSSIAN EMPRESS F 3 Mark Kavanagh
197 SACRED EYE F 3 David Hayes & Tom Dabernig
198 310x SAGA OF THE STORM F 3 Liam Birchley
199 7x112x SAGARONNE F 3 Toby Edmonds
200 74x SAGITTARIAN F 3 Henry Dwyer
201 SAGONI F 3 Greg Eurell
202 3x3x SAILING BY F 3 Mick Price
203 SALLANCHES F 3 Ciaron Maher
204 1x SALLY’S MUSTANG F 3 Shaune Ritchie
205 SALS REWARD F 3 Ken Keys
206 3x SANASANA F 3 Gai Waterhouse
207 SANDRELLI F 3 Lee & Shannon Hope
208 SANTORENEOS F 3 Darren Weir
209 SAPPHIRA F 3 Michael Moroney
210 3x SAUTERNES F 3 Andrew Noblet
211 5x SEAGROVE F 3 John O’Shea
212 5x1x SEBRING SALLY F 3 Chris Waller
213 31x SECRET TRAIL F 3 Peter & Paul Snowden
214 12111x SEEKING ASYLUM F 3 Gary Portelli
215 8x SELTZER F 3 John O’Shea
216 SEMIRAMIS F 3 Michael Kent
217 2145x SEMPRE LIBERA F 3 Gai Waterhouse
218 2x12x SERENA MISS (NZ) F 3 Graeme & Deborah Rogerson
219 013475x SERENADE F 3 Michael Moroney
220 2x SERENE MAJESTY F 3 Peter & Paul Snowden
221 SET TO RULE F 3 Nigel Blackiston
222 7x SHE’S MINT F 3 Brett Conlon
223 SHE’S SCHMICK F 3 Mark Kavanagh
224 0x017x SHINING BROOKE F 3 Kris Lees
225 SHOEPEG F 3 John O’Shea
226 SI ALLA VITA F 3 David Hayes & Tom Dabernig
227 SISTINE SPIRIT F 3 Andrew Noblet
228 SKI SLOPES (NZ) F 3 Anthony Cummings
229 SLIPPERS (NZ) F 3 David Hayes & Tom Dabernig
230 3x210x SPEAK FONDLY F 3 Gai Waterhouse
231 SPECIAL GLORY F 3 Kate Rousseaux
232 3x SPICED F 3 John O’Shea
233 SPLENDIDO F 3 Pat Hyland
234 6x STAR STREET F 3 Shaun Dwyer
235 25x STAY WITH ME F 3 David Hayes & Tom Dabernig
236 STRAIGHT TO YOU F 3 Murray Baker
237 STRANGEST DREAM (NZ) F 3 Henry Dwyer
238 4x14x STRYKUM F 3 Lee & Anthony Freedman
239 8x SUNBITE F 3 Todd Smart
240 13x SUPER CASH F 3 Andrew Noblet
241 64x SUPERLATIVE F 3 Mathew Ellerton & Simon Zahra
242 SWISS KISS (NZ) F 3 Leon & Troy Corstens
243 3x SYRAHBEEL (NZ) F 3 Danny O’Brien
244 6x TAHLIO F 3 Luke Oliver
245 11038x TAKE PRIDE F 3 Murray Johnson
246 13x TAP THIS F 3 Peter & Paul Snowden
247 THE BIG LE BOOMSKI F 3 Darren Weir
248 0x THE COOL JEWEL F 3 Mark Kavanagh
249 0x521x THE GREY FLASH F 3 Robbie Laing
250 8x4x THEMIS F 3 Gai Waterhouse
251 0x5x TIA (NZ) F 3 Byron Cozamanis
252 TIMELESS STYLE F 3 Michael Moroney
253 3x TOTAL DISCRETION F 3 Leon & Troy Corstens
254 5x TRAJECTORY F 3 Danny Williams
255 TRY PINK F 3 Brian McGrath
256 TWILIGHT MISS (NZ) F 3 Nigel Blackiston
257 TWO SQUARE F 3 Ken Keys
258 24x TYPHOON WITNESS F 3 Phillip Stokes
259 1x UPSCALE F 3 Kris Lees
260 1x VALENTINE’S REWARD F 3 Byron Cozamanis
261 VANDANCER (NZ) F 3 Michael Moroney
262 VERSOS DE AMOR F 3 Leon & Troy Corstens
263 5x VIDDORA F 3 Lloyd Kennewell
264 7x VOLCANIC ERUPTION F 3 Clinton McDonald
265 VON GALLETA F 3 Darren Weir
266 83x WANTED LADY F 3 Mick Price
267 WARRINGTON F 3 Lee & Shannon Hope
268 WHO ARE THEY F 3 Gerald Ryan
269 1x WHO’S GORGEOUS F 3 Bart & James Cummings
270 WICHITA WOMAN F 3 Michael Moroney
271 3x WINGSTACK F 3 Lee & Anthony Freedman
272 YOUR LOVE F 3 Leon & Troy Corstens
273 30x ZARA BAY F 3 Michael, Wayne & John Hawkes
274 36x ZARABEEL (NZ) F 3 Leon & Troy Corstens
275 ZASORCERESS (NZ) F 3 Jason Warren
276 ZIBELLO (NZ) F 3 Chris Waller

Thousand Guineas Form Guide

Three year old races are quite good for punters, especially big Group 1’s like the Thousand Guineas. You can always get a good read on form leading up to the race with the top chances usually running around against each other in the lower grades. That is certainly the case for this event with a couple of races in particular standing out.

For Melbourne based horses the Group 2 Edward Manifold Stakes is a fantastic guide held a matter of weeks before the Thousand Guineas. It’s run at Flemington on Turnbull Stakes Day and always produces a good deal of runners backing up for this event. Looking further abroad a horse could also come south from the Sydney carnival. The Group 1 Flight Stakes is hosted at Randwick Racecourse and also has a history of producing Thousand Guineas winners.

Thousand Guineas Betting

Group 1 races always have plenty of interest from punters and given the good read of form people get on this race it’s no surprise that Thousand Guineas betting is so popular. Any time a punter can bet with confidence means they’re more likely to load up as they look for a winner. Set weight contests provide much of this confidence in itself, that’s only increased by the fact the horses are running against their own age, their own sex and their form is clear to see.

While a large chunk of the Thousand Guineas betting goes through the TAB and on course, an increasingly large value is being wagered through online bookmakers as well. Punters are naturally looking for big value and this event certainly provides that. It’s actually quite interesting that an event which favours the proven, classy horse rarely has any huge short priced favourites or massive winning margins. The racing is tight and the contest is hard fought, exactly the circumstances which attract plenty of interest.

Thousand Guineas Odds

As has been mentioned the Thousands Guineas Odds often stack up in a lot more generous than what would be though. While there is certainly the odd big money favourite a lot of the time the field appears rather even on paper. In fact in recent years this race has probably been one of the more profitable Group 1 events in terms of winning odds. Horse racing by its very nature is far from an exact science and the market usually reflects that with not a great deal of certainty for any one runner.

This can be a good thing for punters in that if they pick correctly there is a lot more value for them with bigger returns. The 2010 Thousand Guineas showed this perfectly with the winning odds going well against the bookies thought process. The eventual winner Yosei paid out double figure odds of around $12. That’s nothing compared to the second placed runner Heartsareforlove which  was listed at $151 to win the event. The third placed Brazilian Pulse was a far more modest $5 but even the fourth finisher Ambers Waltz was big money at $51.

Thousand Guineas Tips

Getting your Thousand Guineas Tips from a good source can be pretty tricky with the information available often bias or misleading. Plenty of it is up for interpretation as well meaning punters have to work hard to separate the good from the bad. Having said that the lead up races do give you a good sighter so be sure to take these runs into account.

There are a couple of main factors to look out for though which can make a big difference between starts. Firstly look at track conditions, is the lead up race was held on a vastly different surface it could mean 10 lengths for some horse which are very sensitive to adverse conditions. The second is freshness and length of prep, some trainers may have their horses at peak fitness for the previous start meaning they will have no improvement left in them. Others though me may specifically targeting the Thousand Guineas and as such they could find a few lengths in between runs.

Thousand Guineas Day

Thousand Guineas Day offers a very important race card and is a valuable asset to the Melbourne Racing Club during their flagship Melbourne Racing Carnival. The event is run annually in October and fills a gap in the scheduling which means punters have access to top rung racing on a more regular basis. Thousand Guineas Day is held on a Wednesday adding a somewhat rare Group 1 to midweek racing. It’s held in the period between the Caulfield Guineas on the previous Saturday and the Caulfield Cup on the upcoming Saturday.

While it may be a Wednesday there’s still no shortage of spectacle around Caulfield Racecourse and on the most part it feels like any other weekend carnival day. There are always healthy crowds on hand and an abundance of off-track entertainment meaning people have every excuse to take a break from the daily grind and give themselves a rare midweek escape to see some top quality horse racing action.

Thousand Guineas Results

The Thousand Guineas has produced some tremendous results and some finishes have come right down to the final stride at the line. Plenty of these fillies go on from this race to even greater success and for many this is the first of multiple Group 1’s. It also turns these fillies into extremely attractive mare prospects for a life in the breeding barn with their broodmare value massively enhanced.

In terms of on track success though the Group 1 Crown Oaks has found its winner from the Thousand Guineas on numerous occasions. Some of the horses to achieve the feat include Richfield Lady in 1991, Arborea in 1993, Northward Plume in 1994, Magical Miss in 2001, Special Harmony in 2003 and Miss Finland in 2006. There are also plenty more who have had further success at Group 2 level with the Wakeful Stakes are very popular option on Derby Day.

Past Winners & Results

Many talented fillies have won the Thousand Guineas throughout its history and below you will find a list of recent race winners.

Year Results Winning Time
2015 1 TBD 2 TBD 3 TBD TBD
2014 1 Amicus 2 Traveston Girl 3 Sabatini 1:36.46
2013 1 Guelph 2 May’s Dream 3 Gregers 1:37.78
2012 1 Commanding Jewel 2 Dear Demi 3 Zydeco 1.37.17
2011 1 Atlantic Jewel 2 Mosheen 3 Sharnee Rose 1:35.86
2010 1 Yosei 2 Heartsareforlove 3 Brazilian Pulse 1.39:8
2009 1 Irish Lights 2 Melito 3 Faint Perfume 1:38.8
2008 1 Gallica 2 Cats Whisker 3 Glowlamp 1:38.6
2007 1 Serious Speed 2 Extension of Time 3 Antarctic Miss 1:36.3
2006 1 Miss Finland 2 Permaiscuous 3 Cheeky Choice 1:37.2
2005 1 Mnemosyne 2 Rewaaya 3 Serenade Rose 1:36.3
2004 1 Alinghi 2 Hollow Bullet 3 Ballet Society 1:37.1
2003 1 Special Harmony 2 Hinting 3 Spurcent 1:36.4
2002 1 Macedon Lady 2 La Bella Dama 3 Fuji Dancer 1:36.4
2001 1 Magical Miss 2 Ha Ha 3 Li Lo Lill 1:37.0
2000 1 All Time High 2 Ponton Flyer 3 Tanith 1:36.3