NSW & QLD Governments Unite To End Hendra Outbreak

The New South Wales and Queensland governments have linked together in order to prevent the further spread of the Hendra Virus.

Hendra has already led to the deaths of 11 horses.

While there have been no positive tests as yet, it is believes that as many as 32 people have been exposed to the virus and are nervously awaiting results.

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh and New South Wales Premier Barry O’Farrell have decided to pool resources and information in order to end the current outbreak.

“While Queensland and NSW have already been sharing information on this disease, this task force will formalise that relationship and the response,” Ms Bligh said.

“Hendra virus is affecting both states and there is a lot to be gained by sharing knowledge and experience.

“We will be analysing the situation in both states to better understand the outbreak, identifying areas for further collaboration and undertaking longer-term planning for managing the disease and its impacts.

“Due to our exposure to the virus since 1994, Queensland is advanced in its research, response and communications around Hendra virus and it is important to share this knowledge and experience for mutual benefit.”

More than 30 other horses are also being monitored after being in close contact with the disease.

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