Track Manager Calls For Rating System Review

By: Sarah Fortnum
January 4th, 2012

A call for a new track rating system has been made by Flemington track manager Mick Goodie.

Presently tracks are rated as one of fast 1, good 2-3, dead 4-5, slow 6-7 and heavy 8-10.

Goodie believes the current rating system leads to a conflict of interest between punters and trainers which could be resolved if the numbers were removed.

Goodie feels that a system that simply featured fast, good, dead, slow and heavy tracks would be better for the racing industry.

“I can’t see what was wrong with fast, good, slow and heavy,” Goodie said.

“To me all the number system has done is create opinions.

“When we get a track upgraded to a good 2 the punter loves it, the media love it, but the trainers hate it and the breeders hate it even more.

“It’s a balancing act in between. I would much rather the number weren’t there as it would not lead to conflicts of interest.”

The track manager is asking Racing Victoria to revise the current system in an effort to benefit all parties involved.

Goodie also wishes to educate people on the firmness of a good track and alert them to the fact that they are not always as hard as everyone assumes.

“I’d love to simply produce a good track,” he said.

“I’d get less damage, I’d get fairer racing and I’d get bigger turnover, but when you have good ratings you get people saying they’re too firm.

“They’re not too firm. I’ve ridden horses on lot harder tracks than we’ve got today.”


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