Pain Lingers But Bossy Is Back

By: Ryan Clark
January 19th, 2012

The comeback of Glen Boss was deemed a success yesterday and it very nearly got off to the best possible start.

Boss finished third on Josimar over 1300m at Sandown in a competitive little event.

He was actually in the lead at the business end of proceedings before another comeback story came to fruition.

Josimar was overtaken by Costa In The Glen, a gelding with a veteran age but not so veteran race career.

The horse first ran in 2008 winning four from his first six before a series of debilitating leg injuries kept him off the course for around two years.

This was his first win since getting back and Boss wasn’t too disappointed that it came at the expense of him.

He actually ended up crossing the line in third after losing the bob to Adams Bell but this was all about getting through unscathed and that’s exactly what he managed to do.

“I’m not even blowing,” he said immediately after the event.

He did acknowledge there was a level of pain associated with the ride but he maintains he’s not hampered in any way.

“It didn’t restrict my movement and that (the pain) was to be expected as the ligaments are going to be a bit soft,” he said.

“I feel great. I gave it (Josimar) a good ride, I felt as if I was home. Perhaps they (trainers Cindy and Colin Alderson) need to put the hook (blinkers) back on, he didn’t have that killer punch. But, really, I feel 100 per cent.”

Given the seriousness of the injury which shattered his shoulder understandably Boss will be taking things slowly over the next few weeks.

He’s restricted himself to only the midweek and Saturday events until he feels like he’s completely back to where he was.

“I have to get my eye in, my timing right and then I’ll get right back into it,” he said.

As for the other comeback story in the race, Costa In The Glen, he’ll be treading a similar path, restricted to only beach work by trainer Kelvin Bourke as they try and salvage what was a hugely promising career.

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