No Australia Stakes Rivals For Black Caviar

By: Ryan Clark
January 19th, 2012
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If the 2012 Australia Stakes were run right now Black Caviar would be a guaranteed winner.

We hear you saying what’s new about that, she’ll be a guaranteed winner whenever she runs.

That may well be true but the fact remains that at the time of writing Racing Victoria hadn’t received a single rival nomination.

It would create quite a unique scenario were the prospect of a one horse race to raise its head but in the end there will certainly be some cannon fodder for Black Caviar at the Valley.

It may even come from within  the Moody stable, it’s a tactic he’s used in the past to ensure a sufficient field size.

Chief handicapper from Racing Victoria Greg Carpenter says it’s a similar situation they’ve seen in the past and horses will eventually come out of the woodwork.

“I’m sure when we get to race night there will be a field in the race,” he said.

“Entries close at noon on Monday but at the moment none have put their hand up.”

He says the lure of the minor prize money and a black type placing will be enough, especially for owners of stud prospects.

“I think when we get down to it it’s a Group 2 race and I think owners will be quite content to get a place at Group 2 level,” he said.

During the spring only three rivals had nominated but more came in when the window was extended, a tool that will be utilised here as well.

“Here in Victoria if there is less than 15 entries the entries will be extended to Tuesday morning,” he said.

“It might give a bit of extra time for trainers in the system to weigh up their options.”

There is $36,000 on offer for the second horse across the line and $18,000 for the third, as well as the thrill of facing the great mare.

It’s a scenario that’s surrounded Black Caviar for a while now, even in the 2010 Australia Stakes she only had to contend with a field of five.

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