Coolmore Cautious With Atlantic Jewel Doncaster Bid

By: Ryan Clark
February 1st, 2012
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Atlantic Jewel is the current favourite in early Doncaster betting but Tom Magnier from Coolmore is warning punters to play a steady hand.

The unbeaten filly powered onto the scene last season dominating everything that was thrown at her with ease.

She beat a Group 1 field as if it was standing still but injury stopped her from claiming a certain win in the Crown Oaks.

At first the injury was brushed aside before the concern quickly grew out of proportion to the reality.

“There were times there when we thought maybe it was worse than it was,” Magnier said.

Regardless, her back had a problem that isn’t commonly treated so even now they’re treading carefully.

“They’re doing a bit of work on the water treadmill, there’s certainly no rush,” he said.

That being said to the eye there’s no evidence of injury whatsoever.

“She couldn’t look better, she looks fantastic, they’re doing a great job with her,” he said.

“If it’s possible she looks even a bit stronger now, she’s just a filly with a lot of quality.”

No date has been put on her racing comeback as she’s still a couple of weeks away from leaving pre-training and getting back to the Mark Kavanagh stables.

“There’s plenty of options there for her and when she comes back t Mark will decide how hard he wants to push her or what he wants to do,” he said.

“I have no doubt that if they get her back the way she was she’s in for a very good prep.”

That second line is probably the understatement of the century, especially if she remains racing against three year old fillies.

Her real test will come in open grade and Magnier says the Doncaster is a target they’ll certainly be considering.

“That’s one of possibilities the Doncaster, it’s up to Mark to see how she comes back now, we just hope that everything right,” he said.

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