Moody Weighs Into Black Caviar Barrier Debate

Peter Moody & Black Caviar

Peter Moody (left) with Black Caviar

Peter Moody has defended his request to have Black Caviar separated from Here De Angels in tomorrow’s Schweppes Stakes saying it was his duty as a trainer.

Moody is under extreme pressure to keep Black Caviar sound and to keep her winning and he suggested he was prepared to even withdraw her form the race where his concerns not dealt with.

Here De Angels drew gate five of five in the race with Black Caviar alongside in barrier four.

Moody says he first brought up the issue with Terry From Racing Victoria earlier in the week.

“I contacted Terry Bailey to see if Here De Angles was cleared to start,” he said.

“He has a history and is well known in Victoria.”

He says the risk of injury to Black Caviar would have been significant had Here De Angels gone off in the stalls.

“I suggested I did have concerns that Here De Angels was drawn directly to her outside,” he said.

“My option would be to suggest to my clients that I wouldn’t be keen risk my horse.”

Moody did clarify that by saying he wasn’t trying to hold Racing Victoria or the general public to ransom, simply that it was his duty to act in the best interests of the horse.

“I would’ve voiced my concern to connections for the sake of 180,000,” he said.

“We’ve got a wonderful mare and we’re not going to hold a threat over racing at all but that would have been one of our options.”

At the end of the day though Moody is hoping they can simply move on to the race now and this drama can be put to bed.

“I hope he jumps three in front and doesn’t cause ea problem tomorrow,” he said.

“I’m not going to go on with it, it’s happened, I’m very grateful it has happened.”

As an added clarification Moody was quoted in a newspaper today saying he had also requested for Black Caviar to be loaded last and the gates opened immediately.

He has denied ever making a statement to that effect and says the newspaper article is completely false.

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