Moody Threatens To Quit Training

An emotional Peter Moody has threatened to hand in his trainer license in an explosive interview at Pakenham this afternoon.

Peter Moody has threatened to quit the racing industry in an emotional interview that was conducted at Pakenham this afternoon. Photo by: Daniel Costello

Peter Moody has threatened to quit the racing industry in an emotional interview that was conducted at Pakenham this afternoon. Photo by: Daniel Costello

Racing Victoria stewards forced the removal of Lady Tatia from the fourth race at Pakenham this afternoon after the mare was found to have been treated with a mud poultice for swelling on the morning of the race.

Moody admitted that his team had made a mistake and treated Lady Tatia on raceday, but he believes that the treatment would have no bearing on the performance of the mare and believes that the rule that has been put in place by the Australian Racing Board is excessive.

“It is disappointing once again that I found myself in this situation,” Moody said on Racing.com.

“It becomes frustrating.

“It is my fault and it is my responsibility and I have to accept that, but it is getting hard to wear and it has become a pretty thin line in the sand.

“This is an ARB rule and I really have to question whether it has been thought out.

“I came here today knowing that what happened to the horse this morning would have absolutely no effect on the performance.

“The owners are going to be penalized 1000s of dollars and it is a shame.

“Where and when is it going to stop.”

Moody has been under investigation with Racing Victoria stewards for well over six months after Lidari produced a positive reading to cobalt after his second place finish in the Group 1 Turnbull Stakes (2000m) at Flemington on October 4 last year and the leading trainer said that the investigation had greatly affected his training operation.

Moody said that he is hopeful that he is not being targeted by Racing Victoria stewards, but he went on to claim that the integrity department had previously attempted to plant a ‘mole’ in his stable, which he believes is a clear indication that Racing Victoria believe him to be a cheat.

“18 months ago Terry Bailey, Dale Brown and Dr Brian Stewart sat in a room who I will name if asked and offered him employment to work in my stables to see what I was doing within my stable,” Moody said.

“They obviously believe that I am a cheat and if that is the case surely they all need to hand in their briefs because they have been incompetent in not being able to catch me.

“Should that make me start to think that it is personal?

“I love this industry, it has created a great living for me, but it is wearing thin.

“They need to make a decision or let me get on with the job.”

Moody has maintained his innocence throughout the cobalt investigation, but the clearly emotional and angry trainer revealed this afternoon that he is considering walking away from the racing industry due to the negative effect that the saga has had on both his professional operation and his personal mindset.

“We are all for clean racing and we are all for competitive racing, but it has just gone beyond a joke I feel,” Moody said.

“I feel that it is unfortunate that I have to put my career to detriment in speaking out today in saying what a lot of other people feel and aren’t fortunate enough to be in a position to say.

“I hope I don’t have to walk away from the industry, but I am in a situation where I can.

“I am prepared to go to the railway and get a job there, I am not too proud.

“I am happy to do that and I don’t owe massive amounts of money to anybody, so they could take my license off me tomorrow and it isn’t going to change my lifestyle.

“I am a pretty simple bloke and my family is the same, so I can walk away.

“Unfortunately a lot of other participants in this industry aren’t in the same position.

“RVL maybe need to develop a set of balls and question some of the situations with the integrity department.

“I have always afforded them the most utmost respect, but it has nearly got to the stage where I am had enough.”

Racing Victoria is yet to respond to Moody explosive allegations and the prolific Group 1 winning trainer still has four runners left to run at Pakenham this afternoon.

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