Moody Defends Positive Swab Test Allegations

Peter Moody

Trainer Peter Moody has defended a positive swab result

Top Melbourne trainer Peter Moodyhas been forced to defend himself after allegations were made that he was responsible for racing a number of horses who were found to test positive to illegal substances.

The allegations are believes to have been made by leading Sydney trainers after Moody’s Lethal Arrow returned a positive swab after his win at Pakenham on May 17.

The trainer insists that despite his stable being one of the most tested in Australia, they have only uncovered that one positive result.

“I’ve heard all the rumours, like everyone else,” Moody said.

“The fact is because I’ve had so much success, my horses are pre- and post-race tested, and out-of-competition tested, more than anyone else.

“The stewards might have samples they are looking at but only because they test my horses so often.”

Moody is adamant the only positive result was due to simple feed contamination.

“He’s (Lethal Arrow) won three races since and never returned a positive,” he said.

Racing Victoria chief steward Terry Bailey was unable to speak about the tests but made it clear that Lethal Arrow’s was the only one they had come across.

“I can’t comment on that; it’s an ongoing investigation,” Bailey said.

“And there are no 40 positive swabs, just one.”

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