Marlon Dolendo On Verge Of Incredible Return

You may have been impressed earlier in the week when we told you how quickly Glen Boss was recovering from surgery but that’s nothing on the effort of Marlon Dolendo.

In fact the Port Macquarie based rider may be back at the same time Bossy gets back in the saddle, albeit after a very different layoff.

Dolendo faced a life and death wait earlier in the year, either he got a kidney transplant or not just his career but his whole life could end.

His saviour came in the form of his little sister who was found to have a compatible kidney and as a result volunteered to give the gift of life.

All this occurred just over three months ago and already Dolendo is back riding horses.

He stills needs a clearance from Racing NSW to make things official but the word from the doctors is he’s good to go.

“I can’t wait to get back to race riding, but one step at a time and riding trackwork will be the start of it,” Dolendo said.

“It is going to take time to get my fitness back, but the desire is still there.

“I jumped on a horse the other day and my knees started to wobble.

“I still have to go to hospital on a regular basis for blood tests, but everything is fine and the doctors have told me they are really pleased with the way everything has turned out.”

Dolendo was forced to have a kidney dialysis three times a week after being diagnosed with kidney failure last year.

They waited for a donor but it quickly became apparent that his sister Maria was the only option.

“I can never thank Maria enough for what she has done for me,” Dolendo said.

“She has recovered well from the surgery and is fine.”

Dolendo says he’s also recovered from a surprise side effect where he developed diabetes due to the medication.

“The doctors believe it was caused by the tablets I was taking after the surgery,” he said.

“They did a lot of changing around of tablets and everything is OK.”

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