Latest Dubai Recruit An Unusual Suspect

Unusual Suspect certainly provided an unusual opportunity over the spring carnival, the former American based runner was offered up for sale after his first up run.

The horse was already paid up for the Melbourne Cup giving prospective buyers a rare chance to buy a horse they knew would be there on the first Tuesday in November.

Naturally there was big interest in him and a deal was done prior to the race where he ultimately finished in ninth spot.

He probably should have been a little closer as well were he to have got a touch more luck but connections lived their dream nonetheless.

Now though a whole new dream presents itself, a trip to the other side of the globe, Dubai.

Mick Kent will be the trainer going along for the ride and he says he’s stoked to get the opportunity.

“We nominated for the Dubai carnival and he got invited to go up there,” he said.

“We’ll go up early January and keep him there the whole carnival.

“All goes to plan we’ll be there on world cup night.”

Kent says they can’t afford to muck around with the horse and they need to enjoy him while they can.

“He’s an eight year old stallion, the option was either to go to Sydney or Dubai,” he said.

“He’s never raced right handed in his life, all the tracks in America are left handed.”

Naturally he reports that the owners are just as excited about their pending Middle East expedition.

“It’s a big syndicate, they’re just going to have a ball,” he said.

As for an exact program, that won’t be decided until next year.

“There’s a myriad of races that fit this horses program, he’ll go there and have anything form three to five runs and then come back and get ready for the spring again,” he said.

Kent says they’ll work on trying to get him a little further forward but apart from that he’s in the condition to be very competitive.

“He just lacks a little bit of tactical speed, that’s been his nemesis here,” he said.

“There’s no reason he shouldn’t be able to get up there and perform as well as he does here.”

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