Jumps Racing Has Bleak Future After Another Fall

Jumps racing has copped another swift blow, with another horse being put down on the day that Racing Victoria attempted to announce the promising future of the sport to the horse racing industry.

Racing Victoria Chief Executive, Rob Hines, took to the microphone at Warrnambool Racecourse to announce the bright future of jumps racing in Australia yesterday.

Just an hour later, the body of jumps racer Casa Boy was loaded in a horse float after he was euthanized after a horrific fall in just the second race of the jumps racing season.

Casa Boy shattered his off-side shoulder in the fall that occurred around the 1,000 metre mark of the 3,224 metre hurdle race.

Two other horses fell during Warrnambool’s first day of jumps racing, however, were lucky enough to escape injury.

Coalition for the Protection of Racehorses Manager, Elio Celotto, is calling for jumps racing to be officially banned throughout the country.

“What is (Raving Victoria) waiting for? They keep trying to revive a sport that is no longer popular because it is cruel and dangerous,” Mr Celotto said.

“What happened today was no accident and it will happen again.”

Rob Hines is hoping that Casa Boy’s untimely death is not a warning for what is in store for the remainder of the jumps season.

“It’s not the start we wanted but there is a long season ahead,” he said.

Jumps Racing Association President, Rodney Rae, does not agree with the call to ban jumps racing in Australia.

“For as long as jumps racing has been around there have been fatalities,” Mr Rae said.

“Our objective is to reduce the fatalities and we have done a good job in trying to do that.”

The future of jumps and hurdle racing is due to be reviewed at the end of next season.

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