Josh Adam’s Cops 7 Month Drug Ban

Josh Adams has been suspended for seven months after being found guilty of using a prohibited substance.

  The top Sydney apprentice came before a steward’s inquiry today after testing positive to the substance early last month.

 The tribunal has declined to name exactly what it was he tested positive for simply saying that it was picked up in a urine sample taken at Gosford on April 5th.

 He had a secondary test taken at Canterbury on April 20th and that came back clean and as a result stewards allowed him to keep riding up until yesterdays hearing.

 The inquiry heard evidence from Adam’s himself as well as his master Gerald Ryan and the Racing NSW apprentice mentor and counselor Pat Webster.

 He chose not to fight the charge instead pleading guilty to supplying a sample of urine containing a banned substance at Gosford.

 The stewards took into account Adam’s age and his prior good record well as undisclosed personal circumstances.

 His racing license was suspended for seven months starting on June 4th of this year.

 He won’t be eligible to ride again until January the 5th of 2012.

 His is also barred from trackwork and trials starting from the same date and continuing  until November the 5th this year.

 There is a clause however which could see Adam’s shave two months off his racing suspension and a further month off his trail and trackwork suspension.

To qualify Adam’s is required to complete a period of professional counseling to the satisfaction of the stewards.

Should he choose to accept this option it will be overseen by Pat Webster.

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