Helmet & Sepoy May Get Autumn Farewell

It was always a case of when, not if, the Darley pair of Helmet and Sepoy were heading to Europe but it now seems they will have another run in Australia before they leave.

With the Melbourne autumn carnival held so early in the year it appears as if the Peter Snowden team will have time to squeeze in one more short prep before they board a plane to the UK.

Helmet will return from the spelling paddock tomorrow while Sepoy has only another week up his sleeve.

Managing director of Darley, Henry Plumptre, said they haven’t decided on a specific date for the transfer to Godolphin and as a result it seems more likely than not the pair will race again in Australia.

“Plans can change, but at the moment they are both going to get prepared for a run or two here before they transfer to Godolphin,” Plumptre said.

“Now that we’ve achieved what we have with them here, it is very much their (Godolphin’s) call.

“If the program looks sensible for Pete (Snowden) to give them a couple of runs here that will probably happen.”

While Snowden has had to come to terms with constantly losing his best performers to the overseas empire there’s no doubt he’d love to have that little bit of extra time to spend with them.

“I’m hopeful Sepoy will have an autumn campaign before he goes to Europe. We’ll know this week,” he said.

As with the transfer date there are also no specific plans for just what type of campaign the horses will be sent for once they arrive in Europe.

Darley has also warned it may not just be Helmet and Sepoy that are relocated with a number of other prospects being considered.

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