Darci Be Even Better After Long Spell

Darci Be Good

Darci Be Good

Many say that had Darci Be Good been sent to the 2011 Victoria Derby he would have been the horse to claim the illustrious Group 1 event.

As it turned out he was already spelling at that period with Sangster the horse potentially taking advantage of his absence to win the race.

It’s all guess work to say whether he would have won or not but there’s no doubt with the form he around Sangster in earlier events he would have been a huge chance.

Trainer Bede Murray isn’t buying into the would ofs could ofs or should ofs though, he says he’s content with his decision to send him to spell following his second place finish in the Spring Champion Stakes.

“I always wanted to stick to that plan, he needed a little bit of time to mature,” Murray said.

“We have a pan and we stuck to it, I think that works out the right way in the long run.”

Darci Be Good hasn’t been seen since that October 1st performance and Murray says things have been going very well since then.

“He’s spelled very well and he’ll come back in a couple of weeks,” he said.

“He’s matured mentally and physically.

“Only the last couple of weeks he’s starting to realise he’s a colt.”

It’s a spell Murray says he needed not so much due to fatigue but more for his overall well being.

“I always felt that he was immature…he indicates to me in the two months he’s had off now how much he has matured mentally in himself,” he said.

“He’s never going to be a big robust colt but he’s put on a nice bit of weight.”

He says after watching the Victoria Derby he knows he would have been well in it but their plan is all about the future.

“I know the form around us really pointed that we’d be the one to beat in the Derby,” he said.

“I’m quite comfortable with the decision we made.

“You’ve got to make a decision what you thinks best for your horse.”

Darci Be Good will be brought back for the traditional three year old series over the autumn leading up to the 2012 AJC Derby.

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