Cassidy Clear, Schmidt Worse Than Thought

Veteran rider Larry Cassidy looks set for a remarkable escape following yesterdays four horse fall at Doomben but the news for Priscilla Schmidt is not as promising.

When both riders first went to the hospital yesterday it was thought Cassidy had broken ribs while Schmidt may have had a fractured ankle.

In the end though Cassidy was cleared with simple bruising and Schmidt was found to have a broken tibia, broken fibula, three broken ribs and a punctured lung.

Her father Dwayne spoke to the media and said the combination of injuries has left the 22 year old in a bad way.

“Basically the front and the back of her leg has been broken, and it is a very nasty break,” he said.

“She will have to have surgery on it but they cannot operate until the lung starts to heal as she cannot go under anaesthetic for the leg with the punctured lung.

“She will get the best of specialist care, but it might be four months, and maybe longer.”

It’s amazing nobody was killed in the fall which happened after Schmidt’s mount Tisani Boy clipped the heels of Chris Munce’s mount I’m The One on the home turn.

He fell as a result bringing down Hussminda under Jason Leatherby, Mohawk under Bill Abbey, and Luminous Harmony under Cassidy.

There were grave fears for Schmidt immediately after as she lay on the ground motionless for up to an hour under the care of ambulance officers.

Both Leatherby and Abbey were able to walk away from the incident which made headlines across the country.

Amazingly in an interview this morning Cassidy said he wasn’t giving up on fulfilling his rides this Saturday and he was still seeking mounts for next Wednesday.

“I won’t ride unless I can give 100 per cent and I won’t make a decision until I test myself riding one work on Saturday morning,” Cassidy said.

“I’ve ridden with rib cartilage damage before and I know what it’s like.

“Getting on and off a horse is painful but once I’m on I’ll be right.

“I definitely won’t be riding on Friday as I’ve still got some bruises on my legs but I can do squats and can walk freely.

“My mind tells me I’m a 90-10 chance of riding but my body says it’s 75-25.”

Racing Queensland stewards have opened an inquiry into the fall but are delaying proceedings until they are able to conduct formal interviews.

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