Bossy Back In 8 Weeks, 6 If He Gets His Way

Glen Boss

Jockey Glen Boss was injured when Crystal Lily collapsed and died

Glen Boss says he’s hoping to defy doctor’s orders and be back in the saddle in as little as six weeks as physio begins on his injured shoulder.

Boss fell heavily to the ground during track work when Crystal Lily collapsed and died, breaking his shoulder in multiple places.

He underwent major surgery to piece together the broken bits of bone and only on Tuesday has his first physio session.

Boss says at the moment he has a mere 30% range of motion in his shoulder but it’s expected to improve quite quickly with the appropriate treatment.

That being said the doctors have told him to expect to be out of action for at least two months.

“It feels like it’s improving ever day, I’m looking at another two months of rehab on this shoulder,” he said.

Although he will miss the entire spring, being back riding at all would be a big achievement given the size of the injury.

“I tore the tendons away, 10 screws and a plate, quite a nasty injury,” he said.

Typical Bossy though reckons the doctors might have been a bit safe with the two month call, he’s hoping to shape a week or two off that quote.

“Hopefully I can be back in six weeks, I’d love to be back in six weeks,” he said.

Given the story of the day is the drama surrounding Here De Angels being shifted to give Black Caviar some breathing space it’s only natural to add the view from a jockeys perspective.

“When they go off its violent, it’s really violent,” he said.

“I applaud him (Terry Bailey) for doing this, it’s a case by case thing, it’s got to be taken on its merits.

“Wendy was approached, she could have said no, she agreed with the decision.

“Let it go, just put it to bed.”

Glen Boss will be working as part of the Cox Plate Day coverage on Channel Seven this weekend.

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