Black Caviar Shock Withdrawal From Doomben 10,000

Black Caviar

Black Caviar will not run in the Doomben 10,000

Black Caviar has been ruled out of next weekend’s Doomben 10,000 with Peter Moody refusing to take any risks with his unbeaten mare.

In a move that will break the hearts of fans right around Australia and especially in Brisbane, Moody is taking no risks with her future longevity.

He says there’s no problems with her from a medical perspective and it is purely a decision based on her not being at her absolute potential.

“She’s had five runs in three states with a lot of travelling,” Moody said.

“Even though she looks like she might be doing it easy, running those times against that opposition it’s very gruelling.”

Moody says she actually appeared to have pulled up quite well following the BTC Cup but in the last couple of days she’s been showing slight signs of tiring, more than enough to pull the plug.

“It think she’s done a hell of a job to even get her to this stage,” he said.

As soon as the decision was announced there were rumours about the health of Black Caviar but Moody is clear in stating there is no medial issue with her and it’s entirely to keep things that way.

“We’re going to the paddock with something in the tank rather than an empty tank,” he said.

Comparisons can be drawn to last year when Moody was under immense pressure to run Typhoon Tracy in the Doncaster, a decision he later regretted.

“I want to make sure there is a future, next Saturday would be great for all of us great for the industry but not great for her,” he said.

“You can only  go to the well so many times.”

After last week’s win Moody mentioned that as great as Black Caviar is, the pressure of showing her and running her is something that was a huge burden.

“The great thing is the owners have allowed me to make this decision we’re all looking forward to plenty more racing in the future,” Moody said.

He knows how much her running would have meant to the Brisbane Racing Club but as always the horse comes first.

“I’m a proud Queenslander come Victorian, I would have loved to let Queensland see her run again,” he said.

From here she will go straight to the spelling paddock however Moody was giving away no hints as to where she might be kept.

“She traditionally spells at my farm in Victoria but that’s something that I’ll decide with the owners,” he said.

There’s a good chance she could end up back at the property of Peter Clark in New South Wales, a place she’s been too before and a place Moody credits with a lot of her success.

It’s expected she’ll be back for the start of the Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival where she’ll be shooting for 14 in a row and to equal the record set by Phar Lap.

“I would think barring incident we would probably be following a similar campaign to last year,” he said.

There are also no developments on any planned move overseas.

“All I’ve ever said is that Hong Kong would be the first possible option for her in November,” he said.

“There’s not a lot of value in her racing overseas apart from the prize money and it costs you running in so many opportunities here in Australia.”

He says his other nomination in the Doomben 10,000 Curtana will still more than likely not run in the race and will wait for Eagle Farm the next weekend.

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