Barakey To Replace Black Caviar In Winterbottom

Western Australia unfortunately won’t be getting a taste of Black Caviar in the 2011 Winterbottom Stakes however they do get somewhat of a consolation prize in the form of a local runner.

While still completely unknown by many around the country there’s a heap of similarities between Barakey and the great mare.

Firstly he’s unbeaten, six from six since making his debut in June of this year.

Secondly he’s an odds on specialist, since starting at the juicy odds of $1.65 the best you could have got since is almost half that.

He’s trained by Jim Taylor, the same man who was first responsible for Hay List so he knows a thing or two about training top class sprinters.

“From day one he showed a fair bit, he won his trials by five and six lengths,” Taylor said.

“He’s kept winning so he’s just a nice horse in the making.”

Barakey isn’t just winning, he’s dominating, in fact his last start in the Ken Good Handicap was his smallest winning margin and it was still a full two lengths.

His racing style takes luck right out of the equation, he fires to the front form the jump and waits patiently for the jockey to say go.

“If there’s not a horse up outside him he just drops the bit and comes back under you,” Taylor said.

“Any horse that seems to go with him early seems to drop off.”

It’s true, Barakey is yet to be headed for early speed in all six events to date.

He’s an almost certain starter in the 2011 Winterbottom Stakes but only because Black caviar isn’t coming to town.

“It would have been easier if Black Caviar came because I would have said right, go to the paddock,” he said.

“At this stage we’re going on but I’m just going to monitor how he feels this week.”

There are 36 horses nominated for the race and were they all to accept Barakey wouldn’t even be assured a start, however with plenty to pull out he’s pretty much guaranteed.

“I reckon there’ll be nearly a full field but he’ll have no problems getting in,” Taylor said.

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